Prepping and Handling Your Inner Predator

I’m not a person that goes around looking for a fight, but I’ll defend myself if provoked. It’s been over ten years since my last bar fight, but a recent incident got me thinking about what I learned from these physical confrontations. To be clear, I am in no way advocating violence, but you may find yourself in a situation where you have to fight. …

Ernie Chambers and the Black and Blue Dot

By now all of us rabid consumers of election news know the ins and outs of our electoral system, its winner-take-all craziness, and that two states, Maine and Nebraska, apportion their electoral college votes versus a winner-take-all system. I grew up in Nebraska but left to attend college in Colorado in 1989, and throughout my life have visited my parents a couple of times a year, who have lived in the same nondescript Omaha suburb in Congressional District 2 since 1986. Crucial to this story, I lived with my parents before moving to the Netherlands in 2008, meaning that’s my…

It all started innocently enough, like most things do I guess. My Dutch friend and officemate Frank van Osch took a road trip with his girlfriend to America in the summer of 2019 and ended up running into a musician named Brian Kenney from Fresno. Frank is a documentary filmmaker and musician, and Brian and Frank shared a common dislike of a very polarizing figure to say the least: Donald Trump!

Frank van Osch & David Grover at the Werkwarenhuis (

Frank and I are both film producers that live in a small city in the Netherlands, Den Bosch (best known as the home of painter Hieronymus Bosch). I’m American…

The distribution journey for a Dutch-made low budget action/sci-fi flick.

Lessons learned from the film market trenches.

David Grover is a producer and writer, and CEO of Falcon Grove Productions, based in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

Kill Mode’s release wasn’t timed to coincide with a global pandemic! (2020)

Kill Mode was released in the United States on March 17 by RLJE Films, our U.S. distributor, through a deal brokered by our international sales agent, Raven Banner Entertainment (Canada). …

David Grover

David Grover is the CEO of Falcon Grove Productions, a Netherlands-based film and television production company. His most recent project is “Trumped by Music”.

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